NSCC on building community

NSCC on building community


Education is a journey of change. It is a very personal journey for each individual; a journey that begins with the vision of a better life for themselves and their families. It takes a significant investment of time, energy and resources, grounded in the belief that this investment will help turn their vision into reality.

At NSCC, we have built a learning environment that welcomes individuals from all walks of life in Nova Scotia. We appreciate the commitment students are making and the considerable sacrifices involved in pursuing a post-secondary education; financial, yes, as well as time spent away from family, home, and even jobs. Our learners count on us to impart the skills and critical thinking they will need in their careers and, just as importantly, they trust us to provide the supports and encouragement that will help them to see their dreams through.

In essence, it is an investment in one another. With every individual who succeeds, Nova Scotia benefits. NSCC students continue their learning journeys beyond graduation. They find new, better paying jobs, or start their own businesses, contributing to the economic and social prosperity of the places where they live. They become role models, inspiring friends and family to pursue their own dreams.

Together their stories paint a vivid picture of the impact College education has in Nova Scotia. All of us at NSCC are proud to be part of their journeys, and to transform Nova Scotia, one learner at a time.

Don Bureaux 
NSCC President



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