President and Chair Message

President and Chair Message

As Nova Scotia’s Community College, what allows us to live our mission is our continual community and industry outreach and our responsive program development and renewal cycle. This ensures that our educational offerings remain innovative, high quality and tightly aligned with the province’s labour economy.

This year, we seized on this commitment through a number of landmark initiatives, programs and policies outlined in Here and Now, the College’s Strategic Plan.

Achieving these goals has not only helped equip our grads with the abilities they need to find success in the skills economy of the future, it’s created valuable new routes to the College for diverse learners, communities and industry partners.

We also formed a significant partnership with Engage Nova Scotia to better understand the interconnectedness of the aspects of provincial wellbeing and the future work of the College.

As a proud champion of the Quality of Life Initiative, we recognize that Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life are intertwined.

By pairing the data captured through the One Nova Scotia Collective with the insights offered by the Quality of Life Survey, we’re gaining a better understanding of what must be accomplished — collectively — to inspire sustainable, vibrant, resilient communities from Brier Island to Main-a-dieu.

This unprecedented, public dialogue has the added benefit of guiding the College’s efforts as we prepare the leaders of today and tomorrow for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As rapidly-evolving, technological advances create unparalleled global connectivity and the way we work continues to change, we, too, must evolve. By harnessing all the opportunities that Industry 4.0 has to offer, we can drive that change, and not risk watching it pass us by.

In short, we are now better equipped than ever to build Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation.

The stories that follow are just a few examples of how the College, our students, grads and employees are driving innovation as well as using their education to inspire real, meaningful change across Nova Scotia and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the 2019 NSCC Report to the Community and are inspired by those who are shaping the workforce, communities and province of the future — one we can all be proud to call home.

Don Bureaux – President, NSCC
Bob MacEachern – Chair, NSCC Board of Governors



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