President and Chair Message

President and Chair Message

Nova Scotia’s economy continues to evolve, taking the province to new heights. From innovation and excellence in oceans, health care, digital media, financial services, shipbuilding, aerospace and defense, and so many others − we’re seeing new markets develop and Nova Scotia emerging as a competitive force on the Canadian and international stage.

At the same time, we’re witnessing an increased emphasis on quality of life. Entrepreneurs are finding niche opportunities that are helping sustain our communities. There is a focus on enhancing sustainability and accessibility standards, a strong commitment to health and safety and a more welcoming environment for newcomers and an increased support for child and health care. These factors are ensuring more and more Nova Scotians are not only able to build a career in the province, they’re able to build a life.

At NSCC, this two-fold evolution reflects our mission: To build Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation. As a College we serve as a catalyst, supporting the province with the training and education to build the expertise needed to meet the opportunities of today and tomorrow.

We are Nova Scotia’s Community College and with 13 campuses we are uniquely positioned to serve our communities and help foster the Province’s success. Through our employees and resources, we serve as a critical resource through skills training and education to empower our graduates to change their lives for the better and, in turn, help to fuel the province’s growth.

The stories that follow are just a few examples of those who have dedicated themselves to careers that help others, who build community, who serve as role models and who are mining for the solutions to turn challenges into change for the better. And we’re here for them.

We hope you enjoy the 2018 NSCC Report to the Community and are inspired by those who are following their passion and finding success for themselves, their families and their communities as a result.

Don Bureaux – President, NSCC
Mike P. Brien, ICD.D – Chair, NSCC Board of Governors



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