President and Chair Message

President and Chair Message

What makes a community? We think it’s people coming together. People with different backgrounds, interests and ideas all connected by their desire to create a better future for themselves and for others.

At NSCC, we get a front row seat. Every day we see the passionate and innovative thinkers and doers who come through our doors, learn in our classrooms and walk across our convocation stages. Those who go into their communities, grow the economy and enhance our quality of life. 

At NSCC, we provide students with the mentors and tools they need to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. We empower them to take the next step, seize opportunity and find meaningful work and fulfilling careers.

We believe that the future of the province lies in the power of learning. We’re inspired by our communities to continuously improve our programs and services and provide an inclusive and equitable environment for our students and staff.

We know that strong, diverse learning communities are fundamental to strengthening the economic and social fabric of the province. We’re committed to creating an environment that helps build on these principles.

We invite you to read about a few of the students, graduates and staff who are using their talents and skills to rise to challenges in front of them and create a brighter tomorrow.


Don Bureaux – President, NSCC

David P. Saxton – Chair, NSCC Board of Governors




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