President and Chair Message

President and Chair Message

You see them all across the province. Passionate, innovative and hard-working Nova Scotians who do their best everyday to build a life in Nova Scotia, to grow our economy and improve our communities and province in the process.

At NSCC, we empower those people. We offer them the opportunity to take their passion and put their talent and ideas to work. We provide  them the footing from which they determine their future, from where they will go out and make their mark.

We are proud to support these individuals, to give them the tools they need to get started or to take the next step in their journey. Our dedicated and expert faculty members ensure they are ready to tackle the challenges once out in the workforce and our employees arrive every day, motivated to see our students succeed.

And it is the students who succeed. Entrepreneurs, community builders and newcomers to Canada who are all striving to achieve their goals. They are driven and ready to take action. They overcome hurdles and obstacles. They seize opportunity when it is in front them and create it when it is not.

It’s been a great year for the College and our success is a reflection of the accomplishments of our students, staff and graduates. We invite you to read their stories and be inspired by their success.


Don Bureaux

NSCC President


David P. Saxton

Chair, NSCC Board of Governors





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