2013 Board of Governors' Message

2013 Board of Governors' Message

Ashley Power; Liza Macdonald; Paul L. Walter, Vice Chair; Natalie Fancy; Alex Paul; Peter Conlon; Katrina MacDonald; David P. Saxton; Mike Brien; Joey McKinnon; Rob Bennett; Don Bureaux, NSCC President; Ferne MacLennan; Clayton Bartlett, Chair; Janet Knox; Ian Cavanagh. Missing from photo: Anna Stuart, Rod MacGregor, Sarah Young and Jamie Surrette.

Education is a journey and each year learners across the province look to the College to help them realize their dreams. NSCC supports learners as they shape their own stories with hands-on learning, faculty who possess industry experience, and opportunities to make a difference in our communities through service-learning.

It is that spirit that has inspired us to volunteer as Governors. We come from all walks of life – community leaders, students, employers, alumni and employees – to encourage learners on their journeys and ensure that the College remains faithful to its founding mission: to build Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation.

We measure our success in several ways. For one, we ensure that the College continues to offer a mix of programs that capitalizes on emerging opportunities in our communities. We ensure NSCC’s student population includes representation from every county, as well as people from traditionally underrepresented groups. We ensure NSCC continues to work with industry to meet evolving employer needs. And we do all this with an eye to financial stewardship so that the story of NSCC transforming our province one learner at a time will continue for generations to come.

Clayton Bartlett
Chair, NSCC Board of Governors 



good day, please contact me to discuss a serious issue that was confirmed with me by a staff at NSCC when I was looking into my sons courses. I have spoken with someone early last week - they were to have someone call me back, which didn't happen. Then I sent an email on Thursday last week and no reply. Please have someone contact to further discuss my concerns of being mislead. thank you 2015-06-21 23:05:26
Lisa Pearce

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