2013 President's Message: every journey is a story

2013 President's Message: every journey is a story

Don Bureaux, NSCC President.

There are more than 26,000 students at NSCC, and each student has a story to tell. There are stories of sacrifice, of newfound confidence, of the unbridled joy that exists when people are exposed to the transformative magic of learning. As educators, we know our role: helping individuals grow and develop in ways to help catapult their communities forward on the path of economic and social prosperity.

Today and in the future, we are strongest when we work together. The staff at each of NSCC’s campuses is dedicated to the success of each and every learner. It is a shared vision for the future of the province, where people have pride in themselves and their work, where energy and imagination are the fuel for creativity, where great dreams transition to even more wonderful realities.

NSCC is proud to be a part of Nova Scotia’s present and emerging strength. We are limited only by our imagination. The seed is embedded in every learner’s story and it gives birth to remarkable, life-altering journeys. The stories here are just a few of the more than 26,000. By reading this report, you become a participant in the collective success of our students. I hope you are as moved by these stories as I am. Thank you for being part of our students’ futures.

Don Bureaux
NSCC President



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