Sheet Harbour brewery encourages tourism


As she sat sipping an oyster stout with a friend in Cardiff, Wales, Rebecca Atkinson, owner of Sober Island Brewing Company, says that she thought of home. “The tap said Brewed with Oysters, and I thought this is something Nova Scotia’s missing out on,” says Rebecca, an NSCC Tourism Management alum. “I’d joked about opening a brewery, but it was never serious. As soon as I tasted that style though, it just clicked. It wasn’t really an option; it was what I had to do.” Starting a brewery When Rebecca returned home to Sheet Harbour, she got to work immediately. She drew on...

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Metal Fab students build lockers for Sydney fire station


At the new, $2.6-million fire station on the corner of Victoria Road and Inverness Street in Sydney, the front hallway is lined with 24 sleek holding lockers containing the coats, boots, helmets and gear of the firefighters who serve the area.  “Part of the proper care of firefighting gear is how it’s stored when it’s not in use—keeping it up off the floor so it can breathe,” says Gilbert MacIntyre, Deputy Chief, Cape Breton Regional Municipality Fire Services (Station 2). “Gear must be properly maintained or it will carry toxins that will reduce its effectiveness and life span.”  Clayton Bartlett, Manager of...

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Laptop Loan Program helps ALP student


After 35 years away from the school system, Debbie Colson—mother of three, stepmother to six, and grandmother to 18—made a bold decision to enroll in the Adult Learning Program (ALP) at Marconi Campus to obtain her high school diploma. “I quit school in Grade 8,” says Debbie. “I went back in Grade 10, but it didn’t go well. My personal life at home wasn’t the best. I had been bullied my whole life and I didn’t want to be in that environment again.” However, when her husband of 26 years, chef and restaurateur Brian Colson, passed away, Debbie knew that she needed...

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IT Campus Spring Festival 2017


Hosted by students of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs,the annual Spring Festival 2017 celebrated the cultures of over 40 countries with displays, music, dancing, food, and traditional dress. The event was held at the IT Campus atrium and crossroads on April 4, 2017.  ...

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