Legacy in action


Ashley Anderson is proof that education has the power to transform lives. With two young sons, she left an abusive situation and lived in a women’s shelter. She was also unemployed for a time. While these were painful steps in her life, they led to her journey to NSCC in 2004 and, ultimately, her reinvention. “When I think of what I’ve gone through to get to where I am today, it’s pretty impactful. There were many challenges and extremely difficult situations along the way,” says Ashley. Instead of losing faith, the Wolfville native took the loss of her job as the opportunity she...

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A collaborative environment – the key to bringing COVE to life


Through the vision of many partners, and the strategic investments of the federal and provincial governments, the original COVE concept has become a reality. COVE – or the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Enterprises – is a world-class facility for applied innovation in the ocean sector. It is the only such hub of its kind in the world where start-up companies, small and medium sized enterprises, large firms and post-secondary expertise will be housed together developing ocean technology. At least 40 organizations are expected to work out of COVE, with the first company, Kraken Robotics, moving in at the beginning of...

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I am Kade


Isolated, tormented and misunderstood; Kade Lavigne says that his high school years were filled with panic attacks, failing grades and a desire to be anywhere but in a classroom. “I was having multiple panic attacks a day. I felt my teachers didn’t understand what I was going through. I asked for help many times, but never really got what I needed. I was failing and cutting class.” On his second attempt at Grade 11, Kade says that his anxiety and depression — coupled with intense bullying for being gay — became too much. He decided to leave school. Approaching 30, Kade says...

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Therapeutic television


When Cleve Sauer — perhaps best known as Buddington the Therapeutic Clown — had an idea for a patient-centered television network at the IWK Health Centre, he knew just who to ask for help: Stephen Melanson, Television Production instructor in NSCC’s Radio & Television Journalism program. ...

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