From nursing to carpentry


Denika Coakley enrolled in university to become a nurse but quickly realized she was destined for a very different career path. Today, the skilled-carpenter, entrepreneur and NSCC graduate has built a brand and business using social media and creating hand-crafted furniture and art for customers around the world. ...

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An ocean of opportunity


Vicki Gazzola grew up reading National Geographic Magazine and watching Jacques Cousteau television specials with her father. “I’ve always been inspired by the natural world around me,” says Vicki. “Some of my earliest memories are of the ocean. I can’t really explain it, but I’ve always felt connected to the water.” However, Vicki says it wasn’t until her mid-20’s that she found her way to the world of surveying, mapping and geomatics professionally. As women didn’t begin making their mark in the land surveying industry until the early 1990’s, Vicki’s reticence to see herself in the field was unsurprising. “I’d decided I needed...

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Floating into entrepreneurship


Amanda Maginley was working four jobs to make ends meet when she decided to apply to the Social Services program at Strait Area Campus. Also caring for a mother with dementia and two children and a brother with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and anxiety, Amanda was burnt out. “I needed to make a change,” she says. “I could either stick with what I was doing and continue to struggle on every level, or I could take a planned, calculated risk and change everything.” The decision would change the course of her family’s life — launching the one-time chef into the entrepreneurial realm...

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Ensuring quality


Working for one of the largest video game companies in the world is a pretty big deal. Leading a team that helped the company to earn a spot on Apple’s Best of 2019 list is a dream come true. “It’s surreal at times, seeing your name followed by Ubisoft in the email address,” says Keegan Dillman, a Truro Campus grad and Quality Control Lead for Ubisoft Halifax. “I'm so happy to be where I am and doing what I do.” Dedicated entirely to mobile development, Ubisoft Halifax’s team of more than 75 talented professionals develops titles for smartphones and tablets exclusively. One...

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