Grad named best in Canada


With his boss, and his boss’s boss looking on, Aaron Higgins says it was NSCC Instructor Laird Allen’s voice he heard in his head as he clinched the title of Acura Canada’s Top Technician at a national skills competition in Toronto. “He always emphasized how important diagnostic abilities would be in the trade, and how it’d make you more valuable as a technician,” says Aaron of his shop instructor’s words of wisdom. He adds, “He was able to create a learning environment where there was mutual respect and lots of opportunity for challenges.” Aaron seized the opportunity. Once he graduated from Automotive Service...

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Ugandan brothers excel in aircraft maintenance


As children on their family farm in Hoima in the Western Region of Uganda, brothers Daniel Kakonge and Nicholas Kazairwe often entertained themselves by taking apart unattended radios, televisions and other electronics in an attempt to understand what made them tick. They transferred that curiosity to much more complicated endeavours as they grew. Today, Nicholas is a graduate of NSCC’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program—the Avionics stream—and younger brother Daniel is nearing the completion of his second, and final, year of the Mechanical stream. “I remember one day, when we were still in Uganda, we were all together in our sitting room. Nicolas...

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Beekeeping course generates considerable buzz


Lauren Park may be a classically trained musician, but the sound of the bees at her Annapolis Valley apiary is music to her ears. “I do think that having the ear of a musician helps me a bit when I am in the field,” says Lauren, who is also President of the Nova Scotia Beekeepers’ Association. “Bees buzz at a slightly different pitch if they’re in a good mood or a bad mood, and when a hive has lost its queen bee, they sound different again.” The ability to gauge the mood of a hive is one of many skills that Lauren is...

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Family completes Adult Learning Program with honours


Laken Betts never made a conscious decision to drop out of school. Struggling with bullying and anxiety, and feeling bored by her schoolwork, she just gradually stopped going. “I always had it in the back of my mind that I would get my education one day,” she says. “I thought about correspondence courses or home schooling, but I never followed through with any of that.” Her brother, Dakota, and her mother, Juanita Priest, could relate to the challenge of getting back on track. Each had left school for their own reasons, and each had given thought to completing Grade 12. But it...

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